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Tree of Life Yoga School

Soul of Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Are you searching for an authentic, in-depth, life-changing 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training? Whether you have dreams of leading classes, owning your own studio, or are searching for an opportunity to commit deeply to your own practice and understanding of the sacred technology of yoga, this is it.

My name is Jennifer Reaburn and I am the lead trainer of this 200 hour journey. I am certified as an experienced yoga instructor with well over 500 hours of training behind me, and thousands of hours of experience teaching all levels and ages. I love to dive in, get geeky, and explore EVERYTHING, which makes me a real teacher's teacher - I am so excited to share all the tips and tricks and best practices I have developed and discovered over 12 years of full time teaching. 

This training is unique in that we dive into the scientific and technical aspects of yoga just as much as we explore the spiritual aspects and technologies of yoga. This is actually where the inspiration for the "Tree of Life Yoga School" name came from. Our physical bodies are the trunks of the sacred tree, and our roots extend down to root us into the Earth just as much as our branches rise to drink in the light.  The practice of yoga is to strengthen and align all aspects of ourselves - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, so that we may be beacons of love and peace on this earth. As within, so without. As below, so above.  This is the Soul of Yoga. I have found a way to integrate all of these aspects seamlessly, and it is my mission to empower others with the embodied knowledge to share authentically. The world truly does need really good yoga instructors - those that are called to do their shadow work, shine their light, stay grounded, and shine their light. 


Spaces for this training are limited - it is very important to me that we have an intimate group, develop deep bonds, and have lots of engagement and hands on practice and learning.  


Tree of Life Yoga School is registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance as a certified 200hour Yoga School offering a quality curriculum of which I am very, very proud. 

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