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Jennifer Reaburn

Transformational Yoga Instructor E-RYT500 and Teacher Trainer - Tree of Life Yoga School  -  Ritual and Ceremonial Priestess  -  Mother -  Meditation Guide
  Love your way there.

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I am a woman on the path of remembering and sharing. My mission is to help people remember what a gift it is to be here on this earth, in this body, in this moment, no matter what the external circumstances are. My mantra is, "love your way there." We are all on the path - our soul's each long for remembering, long for peace, long for love. We must create it on the inside before it will meet us on the outside.


Each breath is an invitation. Each sensation in the body calls us home. We are powerful creators and our thoughts, attention, and energy create our reality. Ritual, ceremony, yoga, meditation, breathwork - all tools we can use to make more space inside of us for love. 

The intention behind all of my offerings is to empower you with access to your own inner wisdom; to empower to you love your way home to your true self, which is always shining in bliss and knowingness. 

I created the Tree of Life Yoga School (RYS) and the Soul of Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training to serve these intentions.  I also lead ceremony to honour the Earth and the cycles of the year, as well as ritual to honour the cycles of life. The Love Your Way There Membership Circle combines all of the tools to guide you towards love and abundance.

I wish you blessings on your path, and I would be honoured to be a part of your journey. 


Tree of Life Women's Tent

200hr SOUL of Yoga Teacher Training

Authentic, in-person, incredible journey into the soul of yoga technologies. You will have solid embodied foundations for your own practice and the skills and knowledge to share effectively. The world is waiting for your yes and your commitment to your passion!

Love Your Way There Membership

Rise in Self Love in community with this beautiful membership. 

4 live online monthly gatherings to honour the cycles of the moon and the energies of this amazing time on Earth as we shift into the Golden Age. NOW is the time for Self Love - the deep inner work that will birth the New Earth.

Kundalini breathwork and kriya, yoga, meditation, astral travels and ritual to embody our intentions!

Coming Soon!

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